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A landmark in the Italian chemical industry

With more than half a century of experience, FAR Polymers is one of the leading companies within the Italian chemical landscape. The main activity of the company is the production of polymers, which is divided into three departments: Acrylic dispersions, Vinylic dispersion and re-dispersible Powders.
One of the main qualities of the company is its remarkable diversification of products, a feature that enables it to fit in many industrial sectors, such as construction, wall decoratives, wood and paper adhesives, textiles and tanning industry. As a matter of fact, the great flexibility of FAR Polymers manufacturing plants allows application of various polymerisation technologies along an extremely diversified production that is targeted at catering the specific needs of customers in each application.


More than 50 years specialisation
- In 1963, the company started its activity in Cologno Monzese, with a registered office in Milan, under the name of Mario Moro Milano sas, in the name of its founder. Initial activity revolved around the development of chemical products for the wood industry.
- In 1968, the company changed its corporate name into F.A.R. Fabbrica Adesivi Resine Spa; Furthermore, a new industrial plant was built in Filago, Bergamo. Here started the manufacturing of vinylic dispersions, of liquid ureic resins and of wood adhesives.
- In 1970, the company extended its product range through the development of liquid and powder ureic resins, vinyl resins for the coating sector, acrylic resins and phenolic resins. At the same time the company started production of formaldehyde and methanol as well.
- In 1983, due to the rising cost of Natural Gas in Italy, the methanol production became unsustainable and the plant was shut down.
- In 1993, as a result of an important deal with some major producers of particle boards, the company branch related to the ureic resins production was conferred to a newly-formed company. That led to the birth of Farcoll. At that time, F.A.R. started the development and manufacturing of new products in the field of the re-dispersible powders for the construction industry.
- In 2000, F.A.R. Spa product range was expanded with a complete range of acrylic resins for construction industry.
- In 2013, the company decided to discontinue the production of phenolic resins in order to fully focus on the main products of its business.
2016 On April 1st 2016, as a consequence of the corporate events that involved F.A.R. Spa, the new FAR Polymers Srl was created with headquarters and sales office in Cologno Monzese, Milan, and manufacturing plant in Filago, Bergamo. Having in mind the the appreciation and loyalty shown by FAR’s customers and the manufacturing skills and production capacity of the Filago plant, the new shareholders, who came from key companies of the Italian chemical landscape, made the decision to commence this new project. From then onwards, the company committed to the ambitious objectives to further pursue the historical business activities, while simultaneously developing brand new products and entering into new markets.

Highest quality in multiple industry sectors through advanced technologies

FAR Polymers’ core value derives from the high-level quality of its products and the professionalism and expertise of its team. The production makes use of next generation technologies, such as the new spray drying plant for the construction of polymeric powders, commissioned in 2010. The system provides a very flexible control over the powder particles properties such as density, particle size, flow characteristics and moisture content. The company continues its original business lines and now aims to achieve outstanding results in its traditional production sectors:

- Paper and wood adhesives
- Wall decoratives
- Construction
- Textile
- Tanning

FAR Polymers guarantees a highly professional technical assistance service for each industrial sector, in order to continuously support customers, enabling them to make better use of the products in all the different formulations provided.

Research & Quality
A dedicated team focused on research and quality control
In accordance with the market’s needs, FAR Polymers dedicates a significant amount of time to research and development and to technical assistance, not only to fulfil the regulatory requirements, but also to develop new products in the emerging sectors. A modern research and development laboratory constantly updates the product line, while the products themselves meet the customers’ requirements and become further advanced in terms of performance. A renewed team of high-skilled chemists is in charge of monitoring R&D’s activities, starting from the initial concept, throughout quality control and all the way to the launch into the market. The team has top-level instrumentation and tools at their disposal, such as: research reactors, spray drying, chromatography, FT IR, Instron dynamometer, Differential Scanning Calorimetry, as well as sophisticated system for the dimensional analysis of the particles and their distribution.
Quality and improvement underpin products and services
FAR Polymers is UNI EN ISO 9001 certified and 14001. FAR Polymers’ production is therefore in compliance with the technical specifications provided by the company - or also determined in agreement with the individual customer - so to ensure a constant uniformity and an extreme ease to use. Whenever it was necessary, in cooperation with the customers, our products easily achieved the most important international certifications. Our company also pursues the goal of continuous improvement by involving all of its human resources in every activity, in order to elevate the awareness and advance the implementation of the optimization principles it has established. FAR Polymers’ quality process is able to guarantee safe and reliable products complemented by a smooth and efficient service.
Safety & Environment
Human resources training in order to improve the safety level and the environmental protection
FAR Polymers employs 85 highly skilled employees, most of whom work in the production unit, which is located in Filago, Bergamo over a surface of 80.000 square meters area while the remaining workforce operates in the headquarters in Cologno Monzese, Milano. Inside the laboratory, there are several operators taking care of quality control and R&D. Every day the lab tests raw materials and new products, so to allow the company to respond to the requests of an increasingly demanding market, especially in terms of performance and compliance with the newest regulations. While steadily improving both the performance and processes, the company follows a strict policy related to security and environment, supported by the highest level of information, education and training of the entire workforce. While preventing the potential risks that can be connected to the plant’s activities through the improvement of the safety standards, the company includes among its targets the optimization of resourc
A strong-growing presence in foreign markets
A large part of FAR Polymers’ products is traditionally placed on the market through a sales network, constituted by agents and distributors throughout the national territory. In addition to the continuation and consolidation of relationships with long-standing customers, the company focuses on the developments of foreign markets, with the goal of achieving an increasingly strong presence throughout the world. The company’s expertise and its flexibility towards the demands of the market are the most important traits, which make FAR Polymers particularly appreciated abroad. This is particularly the case when it comes to powder resins, for which the requests have constantly increased year after year. The development of new projects and new products, in cooperation with customers with specific needs, gets particular attention. Whenever customers turn to FAR Polymers, they have the objective of obtaining tailor made products. Furthermore, whenever the market environment allows it, FAR Polymers will have at its disposal the necessary flexibility to implement exclusivity relationships with the customers, in particular regarding significant scale projects.
Commercial & administrative management

Administrative data

Legal name: FAR Polymers s.r.l. s.u.
Registered office: Via delle Industrie, 8/14 24040 Filago (BG)
Share capital:: Euro 100.000,00 i.v.
V.A.T.: 07635310969
REA: BG-438780
PEC: farpolymers@pec.it
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