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Policril range for coating
All-acrylic polymer dispersions for exterior coatings
FAR polymers is one of the leading companies for R&D, production and sale of water-based polymer dispersions. The range for exterior decorative coatings, based on all-acrylic technology. has been recently improved to meet the different challenges and needs from our customers.

Our range includes:
1 - Policril 207FF, our work-horse for all applications;
2 - Policril 547, our premium binder for exterior application, with superior water and UV-weathering resistance;
3 - Policril 546, low MFFT binder with excellent mechanical resistance and excellent UV-weathering resistance;
4 - Policril 279, very low MFFT binder with excellent water resistance and excellent UV-weathering resistance coupled with a very good resistance to lime.

See the attached brochure for more details